Decals and Graphics
Spice up your model with these self adhesive items
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Decals and Graphics.
Even when a model has been built and painted beautifully it can look plain. The application of graphics or decals can transform the model to something much more stunning. The Flair range of decals and graphics is extensive and should provide great scope for individual customization of many models. The backing for these graphics is clear vinyl which when rubbed down is virtually invisible.
Also use graphics to provide an orientation reference. With some models it is extremely difficult to know which way up they are when the light is poor, or when they are at a distance. Adding different colours to the top and bottom will help immensely.
Graphics can be more easily applied over slightly compound curves by the application of a little heat from a hair dryer.
There are many decal sets specific to the models in the Flair range. The listing on this page identifies these.
Chequerboard (Sheet Size 180 x 315 mm)

Size of squares (mm)  5 / 10 / 15 / 20
Black/White DAB101 / DAB102 / DAB103 / DAB104
Black/Clear DAB105 / DAB106 / DAB107 / DAB108
Red/White DAB109 / DAB110 / DAB111 / DAB112
Red/Clear DAB113 / DAB114 / DAB115 / DAB116
White/Clear DAB117 / DAB118 / DAB119 / DAB120
Decals for Flair kits

Tiger Moth FL1200 For T5424
ASK8 FL1254 For R45
Messerschmitt Bf110 FL1255
Beaufighter FL1256
Yak55 FL1266 Soviet Union Aerobatic Team
Magnattila FL2042
Fokker DVII FL2042A
Attila FL2043
SE5A FL2044
Puppeteer FL2045
Legionaire FL2045A
Baronette FL2045B
Cub FL2046 G-AYPM
Harvard FL2046A
Bristol F2b Fighter FL1275
Boeing Stearman FL1280

Numbers (Sheet Size 190 x 350 mm)

Height of numbers (mm)  25 / 50 / 75 / 100
Black DAB401 / DAB402 / DAB403 / DAB404
Red DAB405 / DAB406 / DAB407 / DAB408
White DAB409 / DAB410 / DAB411 / DAB412
General Decals:
American FL2048A
USAF 1/8th FL2048AA Suits Cub
British FL2048B Suits Cambrian Funfighters
RAF 1/8th FL2048BB Suits Cambrian Funfighters
German FL2048G Suits Cambrian Funfighters
Letters (Sheet Size 190 x 350 mm)

Height of letters (mm)  25 / 50 / 75 / 100
Black DAB301 / DAB302 / DAB303 / DAB304
Red DAB305 / DAB306 / DAB307 / DAB308
White DAB309 / DAB310 / DAB311 / DAB312
Flair ARTF Decals

Super Chipmunk AFD001
Giles-202 120 Size AFD003
Thunderbolt 40 Size AFD004C
Thunderbolt 120 Size AFD005C
P-40 Warhawk AFD006
SU-31 Sukhoi AFD008
PT-20 Ryan AFD010
P-51 Mustang AFD012
Edge 540 Stars And Stripes AFD014
Edge 540 Sunburst AFD015
F4-U Corsair AFD016
Focke Wulf 190 AFD021
Christen Eagle AFD022
Lark AFD023
Swallow EX AFD024
Staudacker AFD026
F6F Hellcat AFD027
Extra 300S smaller AFD038
Extra 300S larger AFD038
Yak 54 AFD039
Scorpion AFD040
Stars (sheet size 130 x 160 mm)

Blue DAB501
Black DAB502
White DAB503
Red DAB504
Yellow DAB505
Union Flags
(sheet size 190 x 280)
  Skull and Crossbones
(sheet size 150 x 190)
(2 large, 2 small graphics inc.)
Blue DAB601
Black DAB602
White DAB603
Red DAB604
Yellow DAB605