SLEC Elastic Bands
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Elastic Bands,
we don't need to tell anyone what to use elastic bands for but it might be worth reminding flyers that when they use them to hold wings on they should make sure to use plenty. A wing lifting is a disaster. A million and one uses for the following sizes.
76 mm (3") Brown SL41
102 mm (4") Brown SL41A
127 mm (5") Brown SL41B
152 mm (6") Brown SL41C
203 mm (8") Brown SL41D
76 mm (3") White SL44
102 mm (4") White SL44A
127 mm (5") White SL44B
152 mm (6") White SL44C
178 mm (7) White SL44D
203 mm (8) White SL44E