If you have never tried flying off water do so,  Its magic.
Vintage Floats on a Magnattila
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Flying an aircraft off water adds a whole new interest. Most land based aircraft can be converted with relative ease simply by selecting the appropriate size and style of Flair floats and constructing a simple wire frame to mount them. For the Puppeteer and Magnattila there are float kits that include the appropriate wire work for mounting; all that is required is that it is soldered together.
A simple guide for positioning floats would be to set them on the aircraft with the step a little behind the CG, say (13mm). The aircraft should sit horizontal when floated in the water.
Vintage floats are the type found on aircraft of the first world war period. These are rectangular in section and are suitable for early biplanes for example.
Sports floats would be the type found on aircraft such as the DeHavilland Otter or Piper Cub.

Check your model weight and select from the table below.

Vintage 3.6 kg app. FL2050
Complete with mountings for

Vintage 2.5 kg app. FL2051
Complete with mountings for

Vintage 2.5 - 3.6 kg FL2052 Floats only
Sports 2.3 - 2.7 kg FL2049 Float cores with veneered top
Sports 2.7 - 3.2 kg FL2049A Float cores with veneered top
Sports 3.2 - 3.6 kg FL2049B Float cores with veneered top

Williams Bros. Water Rudder, for those wishing to use floats and have greater control at low speed when the aircraft rudder is ineffective.
Simple to connect in parallel with the aircraft rudder. The water rudder blade is biased down by an elastic band so that it flips clear when any object catches it.
W30110 std, W61000 scale.