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Remote Glow Lead
When an engine is completely encased by a cowl it is a great pity to make an ugly hole simply to insert the glow plug connector through. Use this system to attach a connection to the plug post and the engine case and place the connector in an inconspicuous place.

BEC Plug and Socket
Not suitable for high current applications but ideal for making general purpose twin core connections these are light and small.
Plug FL91113
Socket FL91110

Presto Plugs
These glow plug leads give a really firm connection but can be removed and replaced very easily. Just pull the lead and slip the plug on; then release the lead which springs back and the cap grips the plug firmly. To remove simply pull the lead and slip the cap off.

Twin Core Cable
A general purpose red/black twin core cable for wiring batteries and accessories etc. Not suitable for electric propulsion motor circuits.