For safety sake and appearance use a spinner
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Aluminium Spinners from CB
These are beautifully turned from aluminium and will add a superb finishing touch to many a model. They are supplied with a standard adaptor for the more usual crank shaft thread size but other adaptors are available as a separate item.

1.5 (38mm) CB5503
1.75 (45mm) CB5504
2 (51mm) CB5505
2.25 (57mm) CB5506
2.5 (64mm) CB5507

CB Spinner Adaptor Nuts
to suit all common engines. These screw onto the engine drive shaft and are threaded at the opposite end to accept the spinner retention screw. Notches and reduced diameter ends indicate the thread sizes, see diagram for configuration and part numbers.

Plastic Spinners
These are available in various colours and sizes and are well suited to sport and semi scale models. The two part spinner has a rear member that locates under the prop nut; the front member screws to the rear.
Colours available Red, White, Blue, Black, Yellow.

1.25 (32mm) FL2189
1.5 (38mm) FL2190
1.75 (45mm) FL2191
2 (51mm) FL2192
2.25 (57mm) FL2193
2.5 (64mm) FL2194
2.75 (70mm) FL2195
3.0 (76mm) FL2195A
3.5 (89mm) FL2196