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Flair Vintage Wheels
The smooth hubs of these wheels make them ideal for addition to semi scale light aircraft and sports models.
No model of an aircraft from the World War I era would look the part without a pair of vintage wheels.

83 mm, FL2054
110 mm, FL2053
162 mm, FL2056

Flair Aero Wheels.
A more up to date wheel suiting World War II aircraft and subsequent. Detail in the hubs will complement the finished model.

38 mm, FL2199AA
44 mm, FL2199A
51 mm, FL2200
57 mm, FL2201
64 mm, FL2202
70 mm, FL2203
76 mm, FL2204
89 mm, FL2205
101 mm, FL2206

Flair Smooth Hub Wheels, a general purpose sports type wheel available with hubs in various colours.

44 mm, FL2199C
51 mm, FL2200C
57 mm, FL2201C
64 mm, FL2202C
70 mm, FL2203C
76 mm, FL2204C
89 mm, FL2205C
101 mm, FL2206C
114 mm, FL2207C
127 mm, FL2208C

Flair Tail Wheels
This range of small tailwheels is fitted with aluminium hubs and solid rubber tyres.

19 mm, FL2197
25 mm, FL2198
30 mm, FL2199


Flair “Classics” Wheels
The “Classics” series of models require wheels a cut above the rest. We designed special hubs and tyres for this range and these are available separately as spares or for similar models.
Tiger Moth wheels - 120 mm dia
These are supplied with brass bushes and wheel covers, one of which has the DeHavilland logo. FL1220
Stearman wheels - 145 mm dia with scale treads. Scale covers supplied.
Yak55 wheels - 92 mm dia
Brass bushed with a 5 mm dia hole and very convincing for this type of aircraft. FL1264

Please note that there will be a period when Williams Bros Products are out of stock.  Williams Bros has been bought by a new company that will restart manufacture later in 2005.

Williams Vintage Wheels
These vintage wheels are of the highest quality and are moulded to give impressive detail and will grace any early aircraft.

19 mm, W30124
25 mm, W30125
38 mm, W30127
48 mm, W30128
64 mm, W30129
79 mm, W30130
95 mm, W30131
110 mm, W30132
127 mm, W30133
133 mm, W30134
138 mm, W30146
168 mm, W30675

Williams Balloon Wheels
A simpler style wheel with larger tyres than the golden age. Again suited to 20's and 30's style aircraft and up market sports models.

64 mm, W30118
83 mm, W30119
95 mm, W30120
114 mm, W30121
133 mm, W30122

Williams Smooth Contour Wheels
The hub fairing on these wheels gives a streamlined look to any model scale or sports. Typical of the Gloster Gladiator style they are add a superb finishing touch.

19 mm, W30136
25 mm, W30137
30 mm, W30138
38 mm, W30139
57 mm, W30140
70 mm, W30141
83 mm, W30142
95 mm, W30143
114 mm, W30144
133 mm, W30145
1/4 scale for Curtiss P40 W14600

Williams Golden Age Wheels
The golden age of light aircraft, the 1920's and 30's. Fit these finely detailed wheels for extra realism. Plastic moulded hubs with shock absorbing tyres.

38 mm, W30149
48 mm, W30150
64 mm, W30151
79 mm, W30152
95 mm, W30153
110 mm, W30154
127 mm, W30155
165 mm, W30650

CB Wheels
This extensive range of wheels includes some very large sizes.
Those making large scale models should find a pair to suit their needs. Hub detailing is good and the wheels are light for their size.

89 mm, CB5598
101 mm, CB5599
114 mm, CB5600
127 mm, CB5601, treaded
127 mm, CB5602, unreaded
138 mm, CB5603
152 mm, CB5604
165 mm, CB5605
178 mm, CB5606