Aerographics Free Flight Scale Series - (Jets and Rocket planes)

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Aerographics kits
Aerographics kits have earned a well deserved reputation for quality and authenticity. These are definitely not toys; they are miniature aircraft that fly superbly well and give considerable satisfaction during construction. Most of the skills required for model aircraft construction and flying can be learnt from these kits and when well made they provide a considerable source of pride. The range is varied; most being rubber powered with the option to fit electric motors, (KP01) or compressed carbon dioxide motors, (GM120 CO2). The Komet and the Lightning can be flown as catapult gliders or they can be powered by a Jet-X 50 motor.

BAC Lightning
12 (305mm)
Messerschmitt 163
16 (406mm)
Bell X1-S
13 (330 mm)
FW226 Flitzer
13 (330 mm)
Hawker Hunter
26 (660 mm)
Sukhoi SU-11  
10" Span Jet model for Rapier L2/L2HP or conversion to Jet-X
Mig 21  
10" span Jet model for Rapier L2/L2HP or conversion to Jet-X.