Flair Scout Series:  Attila

Products Code:   FL1003

Small but a delight to fly

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The Attila FL1003
Is a small semi scale scout. It is loosely based on the Fokker Eindecker and provides much fun for the weekend flyer who wants minimum transport problems.
The kit includes materials necessary for the three channel version but the plans show an aileron conversion for those that want them.

Kit Contents.
Strip and sheet wood
Pre cut parts
Aluminium cowl
Engine mounting
Hardware pack

Additional Items
A Pilot “Albert” FL2058
Palmer cord wheels FL2054
Spandau m/c gun W30162 or
Parabellum m/c gun W30163
Decal sheet FL2043
Dummy engine cylinders
3 off 1/8th Le Rhone W30207

Span 46" (1170 mm)
Wing Area 415 in2 (26.8 dm2)
Engines .10-.25 2 strokes
.20-.30 4 strokes 
Radio 3-4 channel
Weight 4 lb (1.8 kg)

Centre of Gravity Position.  On the main spar