Flair Scout Series:  Fokker D7

Products Code:   FL1042

Near scale and a delight to fly - stable as a rock

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The Fokker DVII was a well designed and highly effective fighting aircraft. It was respected by the Allied Flying Corps. Like the full size the model too exhibits good flying characteristics. It is relatively easy to build the only tedious task being the scale lozenge pattern of camouflage colours if you opt to use this scheme. When complete though the model looks convincing and stands out from the crowd in the pits.

Additional Items
Pilot “Albert” FL2058
Palmer cord wheels FL2053
Machine guns:
2 x 1/6th scale Spandau W30162
Lozenge pattern Solartex SX1042
contains enough for the underside of the model marked out with a lozenge pattern.
Decals FL2042A

.Fokker1.jpg (5853 bytes)
A fine flight photograph of a DVII by Robert Perry,
built when he was 15 yrs.


Span 61" (1550 mm)
Weight 8lb (3.6 kg)
Engines .40-.60 2 strokes
.48-.80 4 strokes.
Radio  4 channel     

Kit Contents
Strip and sheet wood
Cowl moulding
Pre cut parts
Fuel tank
Engine mounting
Hardware pack
Fully detailed plans
and instructions

Control throws:
Rudder +/- 40  mm
Elevator  +/- 17 mm
Ailerons  +/- 13 mm

Centre of Gravity Position.  120 - 135 mm back from the leading edge of the top wing.

Reviews: Airborne - Number 163, July 1998,   Australia