Flair Scout Series:  Hannibal

Products Code:   FL1004

One of the easiest  large models to fly

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Hannibal FL1004
The spec. for the Hannibal was quite simple; to design a slow easy to fly large model that had the semi scale lines of a WWI vintage aircraft and to achieve this with a very simple method of construction. Many a Hannibal has been used for camera carrying, toffee dropping, engine testing and all manner of other things; such is its versatility.
Our picture is from Karel Eminger showing some beautiful detailing that he has added. (The kit does not include flying wires).
This model would be an ideal mount for the 28 cc 3W engine. Clean and absolutely reliable it would be a delight.

Kit Contents.
Strip and sheet wood
Aluminium cowl
Pre cut parts
Hardware pack
Plans and instructions
Span 91" (2310 mm)
Engines .60 min. 2 strokes,    .75 min. 4 strokes
Radio 4 channel
Weight 5 - 6.5 kg

Additional Items
Palmer cord wheels FL2056
Pilot FL2059

And finally another interesting Hannibal by Roger Naf

Hannibal_Naef.jpg (78291 bytes)