Flair Scout Series:  Legionaire

Products Code:   FL1022

A sesquiplane, note the very small bottom wing

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The Legionaire is our scout series version of the famous Nieuport 17. Not a biplane, not a monoplane but a sesquiplane the bottom wing being half the area of the top wing. The Nieuport 17 was well respected by many pilots including aces such as Guynemer, Nungessor, Bishop and Mannock during WW1.
Just like the real thing the model requires careful rudder control on take off but then becomes an absolute delight when in the air..
This superb example was built by Brad Lewis.

Additional Items
Pilot “Albert” FL2058
Palmer cord wheels FL2053
Machine gun:
1 off 1/6th scale Vickers W30160
Decal sheet FL2045A
Dummy engine:
1/6th scale Le Rhone W30302 or
Dummy cylinders, specify number:
1/6th scale Le Rhone W30208
Span 52" (1320 mm)
Engines .25-.40 2 strokes
.35-.50 4 strokes
Radio 4 channel
Weight 6 lbs (2.7kg)       

Kit Contents
Strip and sheet wood
Aluminium cowl
Pre cut parts
Fuel tank
Engine mounting
Hardware pack
Plans and instructions

Centre of Gravity Position.  1 1/8"  in front of rear cabane strut.