Flair Scout Series:  Magnattila

Products Code:   FL1002

Slightly larger than the Attila and a great aileron trainer

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The Magnattila Mk2 FL1002
The Magnattila was one of the first of the Flair Scouts to be designed and has stood the test of time superbly. Fit it with a Williams Bros. Spandau machine gun, lurk around up sun, and just wait for an unsuspecting Puppeteer.
It makes an ideal first aileron model and has the added advantage of style.  The kit is supplied in the standard land based version but like the Puppeteer vintage floats can be fitted thus providing a perfect introduction to float plane flying.
Many a Magnattila has been used successfully as a first aileron model.

Additional Items
Pilot “Albert” FL2058
Palmer cord wheels FL2053
Float set FL2051
Machine gun:
1 off 1/4 scale Spandau W30751
Decal sheet FL2042
Dummy engine:
3 off 1/6th scale
Le Rhone cylinders W30208

Span          60" (1525 mm)
Engines    .30-.40 2 strokes
.40-.60 4 strokes
Radio 3/4 channel
Weight 5.5 lbs (2.5kg)

Kit Contents
Strip and sheet wood
Aluminium cowl
Pre cut parts
Fuel tank
Engine mounting
Hardware pack
Fully detailed plans and instructions

Centre of Gravity position - on the main spar.