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Products Code:   FL1001

Flair's most famous model - huge numbers of satisfied customers

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The Puppeteer Mk2 FL1001
 is an updated version of the ever popular Puppeteer of which we have sold over 10000. The new plans and instructions are fully detailed with isometric drawings showing all stages of construction.  The front fuselage incorporates a greater use of die cut components and the engine now mounts on beech bearers.  The external shape of the "Pup" remains the same and the flying characteristics continue to be docile enough for the Sunday flyer.
Like the Magnattila this aircraft can be fitted with floats for even more interest. We have flown it off water with a standard 40 s stroke and it performed superbly.

Kit Contents.
Strip and sheet wood
Aluminium cowl
Pre cut parts
Fuel tank
Engine mounting
Hardware pack
Fully detailed plans and instructions
Chris_Vancostenoble01.jpg (97851 bytes)

  Chris_Vancostenoble02.jpg (76258 bytes)

Two fine pictures from Lille, Northern France.  This model was built by Chris Vancostenoble and a super job he made of it too.
This model exudes character and sums up sport scale modelling well.


Span 60" (1525 mm)
Engines  .30-.45 2 strokes,    .40-.60 4 strokes
Radio  4 channel
Weight  8 lbs (3.6kg)

Additional Items
Pilot “Albert” FL2058
Palmer cord wheels FL2053
Float set FL2050
Machine gun:
1 off 1/4 scale Vickers W30750
Decal sheet FL2045
Dummy engine:
1/6th scale Le Rhone W30302
Dummy cylinders, specify number:
1/6th scale Le Rhone W30208

Centre of Gravity Position.
130 mm back from top wing leading edge.
Control Throws.
Elevator  20 mm up and down
Rudder  35 mm either way
Ailerons  15 mm up,  less down according to differential, try for about 8 mm

Puppeteer.JPG (11678 bytes)

Some good detailing on a Puppeteer by LLoyd Edwards