Flair Cub

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So many Cubs have been used as a club trainer

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The Flair Cub is a sport scale version of the famous Piper Cub. It has been designed in such a way as to be perfect for the newcomer to powered aero modelling and it is widely agreed that this is one of the best models for learning to fly R/C model aircraft. Thousands have been built and flown very successfully. The model is available in various configurations; foam wings/ built up.
Finishing a model is a personal choice but you can see from our photos that both military and civil are attractive. The Cub can also be flown off floats adding yet another facet to its appeal.

Complete 4 channel kit with foam wings FL1036
Complete 4 channel kit with build up wings FL1038
4 channel foam wing kit FL1037

Additional Items
Decals (G-AYPM) FL2046
Decals (USAF) FL2048AA
Floats FL2049
Steerable tailwheel assembly  FL2047


Span 73 (1855 mm)
Engines .25 - .40 2 strokes
.35 - .52 4 strokes
Radio 3 or 4 channel

Kit Contents
Sheet and strip wood
Die cut parts
Veneered foam cored wings
where applicable
Wing joining pack
Engine mount
Fuel tank
Hardware pack
Highly detailed plans and instructions