West Wings RC Series:  Slingsby Skylark

Products Code:   WW34

A medium sized slope soarer for great practical fun

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The first of the series of Slingsby Skylark sailplanes was conceived as a small & low cost aircraft based on the earlier Prefect. It was a small aircraft with a wingspan of 13.68 metres and to provide good performance a wing using the then fairly new NACA laminar flow aerofoil sections was employed. The first of the Skylarks flew in 1953 and showed a respectable performance, but there was obvious room for improvement & development which led to the Skylarks 2, 3 & 4. These were very different and more sophisticated designs.  This West Wings semi-scale model is 1828 mm (72”) wingspan & is intended for radio controlled slope soaring, but prototypes have been bungee launched
from flat field sites into strong thermals.
Controls are rudder, elevator and ailerons. The ailerons require micro servo’s built into the wings.
Span (Inches): 72"
Span (mm):  1830
Scale:  Semi-Scale
Power:  Glider
Channels:  3
Servos:  4