Vintage Diesel Engines
Famous names from the past only available direct from Flair Products Ltd
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CS Elfin
Cat. Number CSVE04
A replica of the radial mount Elfin 2.46 cc capacity, (0.15 cu. in.), engine. This replica is beautifully made with a cast alloy case and traditional turned aluminium spinner. This engine was first produced circa 1950 - a plain bearing engine which gave an extremely high performance for itís time. The replica exhibits the same performance. The engine is high revving and easy to start and is also capable o
CS Rivers
Cat. Number CSVE05
This is a replica of the 2.5 cc capacity, (0.15, Rivers Silver Streak. It has front bearings as the original and runs beautifully. This engine was considered to be very high tech. when it was originally produced around 1960. The CS engine is a very close copy of the original. The engine employs all Bill Riversí early ideas, from the 4 radial transfer ports to the twin un-caged needle bearing crankshaft that uses the shaft and a pressed in steel bush in the crankcase as the bearing cage. Just like the original it is easy to start and willing to perform.
CS Oliver Tiger Cub
Cat. Number CSVE03
Made famous by 1/2A team racing specialists this engine has a great pedigree. Smooth running and easy starting make it a must for this type of contest.
CS Oliver Tiger
Cat. Number CSVE01/02
A replica of the famous Oliver Tiger Mk III. This engine is of 2.5 cc capacity, (0.15 cu in), and two versions are available Ė either,

the standard version with a steel cylinder liner CSVE01,
or, a version with a chromed cylinder liner for longer life CSVE02.
This engine is a metric copy of the Mk3 Oliver Tiger and employs all the virtues of the original Ollie but actually produces slightly more power. The CS Ollie has become very successful in Vintage A team racing and British Oliver Combat. For even more power engine tuners can get greater performance from the Ollie with a little rework.
Micro Diesel 2cc 1948
Cat Number CSVE14
The Micro diesel is an excellent replica of the 2 cc engine first built in 1948 in the USA. It is very easy to start and will run all day on a whiff of fuel. It turns an 11 x 4 in prop at 6500 rpm and is an excellent choice for some of the Ben Buckle vintage kits. This super little engine runs like a well oiled sowing machine.
Amco Diesel 3.5 cc
cat Number CSVE16
The original Amco 3.5 cc diesel was made by Anchor Motors of Chester. The engine was a good runner and was available in plain bearing and ball raced versions.  The Flair replica is the plain bearing version.
Those who know their vintage engines will know that the AMCO was know as the "finger biter".