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Product:   Glosstex

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similar to Solartex but supplied with a high gloss pre-painted finish. The density of the finish renders Glosstex truly opaque.

All widths 27" 2 m 10 m
(686mm) (79) (32)
White GT1600 GT3600
Red GT1601 GT3601
Ocean Blue GT1602 GT3602
Yellow GT1603 GT3603
Cub Yellow GT1604 GT3604
Orange GT1605 GT3605
Light Red GT1606 GT3606
Dark Red GT1607 GT3607
Light Blue GT1608 GT3608
Dark Blue GT1609 GT3609
Cream GT1610 GT3610
Silver GT1611 GT3611
Black GT1612 GT3612

The high shine "tex"