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Product:   Solarfilm Polyester

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Solarfilm Super Shrink - Light Weight Polyester
Similar properties to the std polyester but lighter in weight for smaller models.
Weight 48 gsm. Width 0.68m.
Cat. Numbers 2m 10m
Transparent Red PS1620 PS2620
Transparent Blue PS1621 PS2621
Transparent Yellow PS1622 PS2622
Transparent Orange PS1623 PS2623
Transparent Dk Red PS1624 PS2624

Solarfilm Super Shrink - Polyester Film
Polyester films have become popular recently. Their toughness and high shrink capabilities coupled with their ability to withstand direct sunlight have earned them a dedicated following. They are more expensive than the standard Solarfilm but for that special model they are a must.
If you need a film covering for Diesel or petrol powered models these will not react with the fuel.
Weight 60 - 80 gsm. Width 0.68m.
Cat. Numbers 2m 10m
White PS1600 PS2600
Red PS1601 PS2601
Lemon Yellow PS1602 PS2602
Cub Yellow PS1603 PS2603
Dark Blue PS1604 PS2604
Light Orange PS1605 PS2605
Grey PS1606 PS2606
Dark Green PS1607 PS2607
Aluminium PS1608 PS2608
Flag Blue PS1609 PS2609
Lux Blue PS1610 PS2610
Black PS1611 PS2611
Metalflake Red PS1613 PS2613
Metalflake Blue PS1614 PS2614
Flourescent Yellow PS1615 PS2615
Flourescent Red PS1616 PS2616
Flourescent Green PS1617 PS2617
Flourescent Orange PS1618 PS2618
Flourescent Pink PS1619 PS2619
Matt Dove Grey PS1625 PS2625
Matt Black PS1626 PS2626
Matt Tan PS1627 PS2627
Matt Insignia Blue PS1628 PS2628
Matt Cream PS1629 PS2629
Matt Sky Blue PS1630 PS2630
Matt White PS1631 PS2631
Matt Olive Drab PS1632 PS2632
Matt Dark Red PS1633 PS2633

Note the Matt colours ideally suited for military aircraft.

The tougher covering