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Product:   Solarfilm

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Solarfilm: one of the oldest and best established names in film coverings. Solarfilm is light and tough and can be used for nearly all models.

Width Lengths
27" (686mm) 50" (1270mm) 10 m (32 ft)
White SF26001 SF36001
Yellow SF26002 SF36002
Dark Yellow SF26003 SF36003
Orange SF26004 SF36004
Blackberry SF26005 SF36005
Red SF26006 SF36006
Dark Red SF26008 SF36008
Light Green n/a SF36009
Dark Green SF26010 SF36010
Tropic Blue SF26011 SF36011
Lux Blue SF26012 SF36012
Ocean Blue SF26013 SF36013
Dark Blue SF26014 SF36014
Silver SF26015 SF36015
Black SF26017 SF36017
Heather SF26018 SF36018
Transparent Yellow SF26019 SF36019
Transparent Orange SF26019A SF36019A
Transparent Red SF26020 SF36020
Transparent Green SF26020A SF36020A
Transparent Blue SF26021 SF36021
Metallic Green SF26022 SF36022
Metallic Red SF26022A SF36022A
Metallic Blue SF26023 SF36023
Gold SF26024 SF36024
Fluorescent Yellow SF26025 SF36025
Fluorescent Red SF26026 SF36026
Flourescent Green SF26027 SF36027
Fluorescent Pink SF26028 SF36028
Fluorescent Orange SF26029 SF36029
Transparent violet SF26031 SF36031

The best known covering