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Product:   Solartex

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usually used for heavier models or those requiring greater strength from the covering material. It is a heat shrink fabric with ultimate toughness and a superb ability to shrink around compound curves wrinkle free.
All Widths Lengths
27" 2 m 5 m 10 m
Yellow SX1600 SX2600 SX3600
Orange SX1601 SX2601 SX3601
Red SX1602 SX2602 SX3602
Blue SX1603 SX2603 SX3603
White SX1604 SX2604 SX3604
Antique SX1605 SX2605 SX3605
Natural SX1606 SX2606 SX3606
Cub Yellow SX1607 SX2607 SX3607
Light Red SX1608 SX2608 SX3608
Light Blue SX1609 SX2609 SX3609
Olive Drab SX1610 SX2610 SX3610
Dark Green SX1611 SX2611 SX3611
Vintage Yellow SX1612 SX2612 SX3612
Vintage Red SX1613 SX2613 SX3613
Vintage Blue SX1614 SX2614 SX3614
Silver SX1616 SX2616 SX3616
Black SX1617 SX2617 SX3617
Linen SX1618 SX2618 SX3618
Fluorescent Red SX1619 SX2619 SX3619
Fluorescent Yellow SX1620 SX2620 SX3620
Dark Blue SX1621 SX2621 SX3621

The most well known "tex"