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So-Lite or Solarfilm Lite is a thinner version of Solarfilm which has been used successfully by modellers for very many years now. Where weight is at a premium then go for So-Lite which has a finished weight of approx.0.6 oz per square yard. So-Lite is already coated with adhesive therefore there is no need to coat the attachment edges of the model first with PVA.
Roll sizes 29" (735 mm) x 50" (1270 mm)
White SO1600
Dk Green SO1601
Silver SO1602
Cream SO1603
Black SO1604
Yellow SO1605
Red SO1606
Dk Blue SO1607
Trans. Yellow SO1608
Trans. Red SO1609
Trans. Blue SO1610
Trans. Green SO1611

A thinner version of Solarfilm