Williams Brothers - Scale Engine Plastic Kits
Ideal for adding that extra detail to a model
Full engine kits and component parts available
Pratt and Whitney Wasp, over 200 parts in the 1.5" scale version provide an immense amount of detail in this engine. Finished size is approximately 6 1/4" diameter and this adds up to a very impressive feature.
1.5" to ft W30307
Wright J - 5 "Whirlwind" most famous for its landmark in aviation history when it powered Charles Lindberg's "Spirit of St Louis" across the Atlantic non stop. More than a year of development went into developing this kit with over 150 parts. A stunning static display or perfection in the front of a model.
At 1.5" to ft scale W30304
Le Rhone Rotary,
9 cylinder. Looks superb in a model aircraft or equally good displayed on a stand for the aviation enthusiast.
Great stocking fillers for Christmas!
1.5" to ft W30301
2" to ft W30302
1/32 Scale Engine Kits
These engine kits, as featured in Williams Bros. display model kits are suitable for use in scratch built models. Three types are available.
9 cyl. Pratt and Witney Wasp W30309
14 cyl. Pratt and Witney Twin Wasp W31000
9 cyl. Wright J-6 W31100
Pratt & Whitney "Wasp" Cylinders, available in 5 scales and again moulded in impressive detail.
1" to ft scale W30203
1.5" fo ft scale W30204
2" to ft scale W30205
2.5" to ft scale W30728
3" to ft scale W30729
Pratt & Whitney "Wasp" Crankcase, scaled at 2" to the ft this kit contains fully detailed crankcase front section, front cylinder ring, and sump. W30211
Wright J - 5 Crankcase, including crankcase front section, push rod pad section, front cylinder ring, and magnetos.
At 2" to ft scale W30210
Wright J - 5 Cylinders, available in four scales,
1" to ft W30200
1.5" to ft W30201
2" to ft W30202
2.5 to ft W30726
3" to ft W30727
Le Rhone Cylinders, available in three scales,
1" to ft W30206
1.5" to ft W30207
2" to ft W30208
Gnome Cylinders, use these to construct your own representation of the prototype engine for your chosen model, or simply to replace any that get damaged during the normal wear and tear of flight. Available in 3" scale giving a height of approximately 3". W30725